The Pines

  • The former Pines Hotel sits approximately 3 miles to the north of Chorley town centre on the A6, at Whittle-le-Woods.
  • Primrose purchased the site in 2015 from the Owner of the Pines Hotel and granted a lease back to the vendor, so that the hotel business could continue, and respect the hotel reservations numerous and wedding bookings that had been made.
  • Although the property was not placed on market, two separate approaches for parts of the site were received from Lidl and McCarthy & Stone. The discussions that followed lead to an agreement from all parties and a planning application was submitted in 2017 for a scheme accommodating both, with a shared access from Preston Rd.
  • Planning consent was achieved and the two parcels of land were sold to Lidl and McCarthy & Stone in December 2018.
  • An image of the Hotel prior to demolition is set out below as well as a recent “in build” photograph of the Lidl store, which is due to be opened in May 2019.